Temple Upgrade Promise | Brimbank and North West

By Max Hatzoglou

Braybook’s Quang Minh Buddhist Temple will be upgraded if the Labor Party wins the next federal election.

Fraser MP Daniel Mulino and Opposition Critic for Multicultural Affairs Andrew Giles visited the temple last year to pledge $100,000 in funding.

The proposed upgrade includes a new roof and improved accessibility for seniors and community members with disabilities.

The Quang Minh Buddhist Temple is one of the main centers of community gathering and expression of faith for Vietnamese Buddhists west of Melbourne.

Mr Giles said the investment would help celebrate and share the tradition of Australia’s Vietnamese Buddhist community.

Mulino said the upgrade would help economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic by creating jobs.

“Quang Minh Temple plays an important role in the lives of many Buddhists across the Fraser and the West and I am delighted that the new investment from the Labor Party will help to maintain the outstanding contribution that Quang Minh Temple and its members make to our community,” he said.

Abbot of Quang Minh Temple Thich Phuoc Tan said the upgrades will provide a great opportunity for more people to connect.

“Physically, all buildings will be connected so that they are weatherproof as people move from room to room, but it will also mean that different generations will be able to connect,” Phuoc Tan said.

“At the moment, when we organize activities, we tend to concentrate in one building. This connection will help them to come together, but it also means that we will be able to widen our range of activities.

“This is a very important development for the future.”