Thai Buddhists ask 7-Eleven stores to separate halal labels

A non-profit organization demand 7 eleven convenience stores in Thailand to provide a special shelf for products without halal Labels. The group said halal labels made products more expensive.

Thai Buddhists from Buddhism Protection for Peace (BPP) gathered outside CP Towner on Silom Road in Bangkok yesterday to deliver a letter on halal labels to the board of CP All.

Group representative Praphat Kittiruedeekun said the BPP wants every 7-Eleven convenience store in Thailand to have a separate shelf of products without a halal label.

Praphat said 160,000 halal food products approved by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand were more expensive than unlabeled products.

Praphat pointed to the fact that the majority of the Thai population is either Buddhist or Christian, and that these people should not buy products at a higher price because of the halal labeling.

Praphat said…

“The rules and policies of Islam take advantage of our Buddhist religion. It is the duty of Buddhists to defend their own religion and express that they do not need products bearing halal labels. The halal label is not important to us, and we shouldn’t pay more for it.

Some Thai netizens said protesters should protest against the official department making money by launching halal labels, not against Muslims or convenience stores.

To put a Halal label on a product, companies must prepare special documents and submit them to the Islamic Central Council of Thailand. Then the consultancy specialists investigate the business and manufacturing process to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the standard.

Once everything is approved, companies will have to pay a fee for halal labels. Then, companies will be able to affix the halal label to their products.

The process handles each product one by one and companies have to do this every year.

According to a report by Krua.Co, Thailand has the most diverse halal products in the world. Long Tun Man also mentioned that Thailand is the top importer of halal food in the ASEAN region and ranks 12th in the world. The export of halal food generated over 1 trillion baht before the 2020 pandemic.

THE SOURCE: momentum | | man long tun

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