The 14th century Oxford tradition returned this week

A 14th-century civic tradition returned to Oxford this week, with the franchise’s first constituency ceremony re-enactment since 1984.

The event will see Oxford Mayor Mark Lygo leading the boundary ceremony known as ‘riding the franchise’.

Traditionally hosted by the Free Men of Oxford, the ceremony took the mayor along a section of the city limits joined by the Free Men of Oxford.

Ahead of the event, Councilor Mark Lygo said: “I am delighted to attend this special reenactment of the franchise to celebrate the reopening of the Oxford Museum in October and that this occasion has been modernized to reflect our world of today.

“Oxford has a rich history and is full of unique events. I am delighted to participate in the return of this civic tradition.

The Lord Mayor walked to a border post in North Hinksey and followed a section of the old border, also known as the franchise or freedom, which has remained unchanged for centuries.

Originally, the 14th-century ceremony consisted of a 10-mile course and was performed on horseback.

As the size of the Oxford limits grew, the ceremony was less frequent.