The Buddhist community organizes a health camp and participates in Sirpur Mahotsav

Staff reporter:


Members of the Raipur Buddhist community held a health camp and participated in Sirpur Mahotsav on the occasion of Maghi Purnima on February 16. The health camp was inaugurated by Bhante Arya Nagarjuna Surai Sasai Nagpur. On this occasion, the main guest, the departmental commissioner of inquiry Dilip Wasnikar and the engineer Dhamma Pal were present. In his talk, author Dham Pal talked about the importance of Maghi Purnima in the Buddhist Dhamma tradition. On that day, Tathagata Buddha had called student Anand in Vaishali’s Chapalya Vihar and said that after three months from today, on Vaishakh Purnima day, I will have great parinirvana, today today I have my last vision of Vaishali, Ayu Dilip Wasnikar ji said Bhante Anand.

Even today a Mahaparinirvana has been announced in Rajgi Ri, in the coming days of April they are going to freely distribute 100 Buddha statues under Buddha Mahasangh, Bhante Surai Sasai Nagpur B Shramner Gagan Malik in the distribution ceremony program . Engineer Dhawade Saheb, Gaj Ghate Sahib, Women’s Leader Samta Sainik Dal Dr Ratna Pragyatara, Rukhmani Ramteke, Raju Ramteke, SDM Mahasamund, Respected Bhagwat, Jaiswal announced the beautification works of Buddha Vatika. In the program, Rajendra Nayak, President Marar Samaj, Raipur Sanjay Sukhdev, Chief Industries Officer Srishty Chandrakar, SK Tandon, Shankar Nandeshwar, Dr. Arvind Chaudhary, Dr. Ayu Anil Jog participated in the program.