The superstar returns with ‘Maula Jatt’

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a superstar from years in self-inflicted exile from showbiz, is now set to return with nothing less than a magnum opus, The Legend of Maula Jatt.

The 38-year-old actor, who prefers to spend his time learning and improving rather than producing inevitable hits, bowed out to the big screen in 2018 and now, after a long hiatus, is eyeing a triumphant return with Bilal Lashari. retelling of a classic tale.

Whereas The Legend of Maula Jatt has earned a reputation as a legend in the making himself for about a decade now, Hamza has also made a name for himself as an enigma during his time away from the screen.

Hamza Ali Abbasi talks about his return to the big screen after four years in “The Legend of Maula Jatt”

However, he is now ready to speak candidly about his hiatus and his long-awaited return to the big screen.

In a conversation with Geo TV, Hamza spoke about his thoughts on Maula Jattwhat the public should expect of him and his understanding of the fusion of his profession and the religion that he holds so dear.

“I took a long break to focus on my education,” Hamza shared, adding that even now, as the world awaits the release of Pakistan’s biggest production starring him, he is “focusing on hard work. less important but of quality”.

Hamza then dives into the details of his reasoning behind the acting “pause,” which he believes he already explained in an 18-minute video he shared about four and a half years ago announcing said break.

“I never advertised my exit from the industry, in fact, I did a whole video that the majority of people didn’t watch, and I just read the headlines which I left to act “, did he declare.

He continued, “In this video…I specifically said that I have reached that point in life where I have 100% belief in the entire system of Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the books saints, the Day of Judgment, the concept of heaven and hell…”

The Legend of Hamza Ali Abbasi: The superstar returns with 'Maula Jatt'

Hamza further explained, “I realized that this is all real, and so, I’m going to take a long break to watch the whole movie from the trailer I saw about religion. I want to get to the bottom of my questions and learn more about myself.

The Alif The actor also said categorically, “The version of the religion that I align myself with, the religion of Allah, does not categorize entertainment per se, be it music or drama, as haram (prohibited). “

So where does The Legend of Maula Jatt reside in Hamza’s version of his profession? By his own admission, he takes the top spot as he has huge expectations with the project which he proudly describes as the “biggest production in Pakistan”.

“I have high hopes for Maula Jatt as it is one of Pakistan’s biggest productions, in terms of budget and scale. Its success will set a milestone for other films,” Hamza said. .

“I’m really hopeful, not only because it’s my own project, but it will be a huge step forward for the media industry as a whole. If Maula Jatt is successful, it will also encourage others to make projects on such a scale and with such a large budget.

Hamza is also confident that the story, a remake of Younis Malik’s 1979 Punjabi cult film of the same name, is eternally relevant and therefore won’t struggle to resonate with people more than four decades after the original. .

“Good against evil, the clash between good and evil and the principal against evil, as in Maula Jatt, has existed in all societies since the dawn of time, it is an integral part of humanity,” says Hamza.

The Legend of Hamza Ali Abbasi: The superstar returns with 'Maula Jatt'

According to Parwaaz Hai Juno actor, the Maula Jatt the team worked hard not to limit the film by a time/period constraint.

“As far as the script goes, the way we showed it is very time-neutral. It’s not shot in that time or even in prehistoric times, you can perform it in any time and any age…because the story itself is relevant,” said Hamza.

As the output of The Legend of Maula Jatt inches closer every day; the film is set to hit theaters on October 13, 2022, Hamza also revealed that fans can expect to see him in something new as soon as next year.

“I could do something new by next year. Something that is within the bounds set by Allah,” Hamza concluded on a positive note.