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Caroline is delighted to welcome the return of Susan Shannon, as we honor the radiant resilience of the community of “Former Lifers,” those “Returning Citizens” who have served their sentences and are now part of the mentors, having gained much medicine to contribute – to all of us… The inner work allows synchronicity. Power to change the narrative. Redemption. Healing rituals between those who have harmed and those to whom they have harmed. Milarepa, thug, highwayman and others who become great saints… Dive into darkness to glean “power with” against “power over”.

Susan Shannon is a researcher, student, mystic, poet, dharma lover, student and teacher, steward of the earth and animals, and devotee of the heart, interfaith minister and chaplain…. Susan has been a student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for over 45 years, studying with many of Tibet‘s foremost teachers here in the United States and abroad.

Since her ordination, Susan’s ministry has focused on prison chaplaincy projects and transformation programs at San Quentin State Prison, including working with the famous Guiding Rage Into Power program through Insight-Out. .org and providing Buddhist chaplaincy on death row.

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