This Jerusalema dance by religious in India is perhaps the best yet


The tribute to Indian health workers is magnificent and uplifting!

Social media has been abuzz with various renditions of the popular song “Jerusalem” by Master KG, and religious from all over the world joined in the joyous dance, making us smile. These clerics from India, however, really added something special to the dance.

A video was posted by Varapuzha Basilica in Kerala, India. The basilica is the mother church of 14 churches in the region, a part of India that has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. In fact, in recent days the number of cases has increased dramatically.

And it is with COVID in mind that the rector of the basilica, the Rev. Basil Padua OCD, presented the video of religious, teachers and catechism students joining in the popular dance. The dance is a tribute to the country’s health workers who have worked tirelessly to help their fellow citizens.

The video begins with an appropriate quote from Galatians 6: 2: “Bear one another’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ. With India being one of the countries worst hit by the pandemic and around 200 priests dying, people have come together to help their families, friends and complete strangers.

While this video is a celebration of health workers, it is also a fine example of Catholic religious and lay people united with an edifying message of gratitude and unity.

If you’re not a linguist, you might want to skip to the start of the dance at 2min 15sec, where two clerics kick off with Bollywood-worthy moves. Make sure to watch the video until the end to see the interior of the beautiful basilica and the religious praying.