Tibet continues to recover after latest virus outbreak

A medical worker takes a swab sample from a resident for nucleic acid testing at a community testing site for COVID-19 in Lahsa, Tibet Autonomous Region, Aug. 9, 2022. [Photo/ThePaper]

As the COVID-19 epidemic prevention situation in most areas of the Tibet Autonomous Region continues to improve and more and more places gradually return to normal, cooperatives in the county of Lhari in the region are also resuming production.

At a rural cooperative in Nyingdrungang village in the county’s Nyiwo township, workers have in recent weeks produced 10 tonnes of tsamba, roasted upland barley used to make porridge. This was the first purchase order the cooperative had received from the government since early August.

After receiving the order from the township government two weeks ago, the cooperative immediately purchased fresh barley from local farmers and produced tsamba in about 10 days.

Lhari County has developed cooperatives as part of its drive for rural revitalization and agricultural development. The cooperatives allow the inhabitants to earn an income by buying local products.

All residents of Nyiwo township received tsamba and sugar from the government as a subsidy during the recent COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown.

“I would like to thank the Party and the government on behalf of my villagers, for providing basic necessities to our people,” said Nyima, Party secretary of Dreshung village in the township.

Pema Ngodrub, manager of the Nyingdrungang cooperative, said he was satisfied with the resumption of production.

“I was inspired by the section dealing with rural revitalization in the report while watching the live broadcast of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 16. It encourages me to work to make the cooperative more prosperous at the future,” he said. said.

The cooperative is essential to the livelihoods of villagers in the area, many of whom sell their agricultural products.

Tashi Tsetso, who lives in the village of Nyingdrungang, sells his rapeseed to the cooperative.

“It’s nice and convenient that I can sell my rapeseed to the neighboring cooperative. The harvest was good this year and I got a fair price,” she said.

Tibet has made solid progress in battling its latest COVID-19 outbreak. It reported one locally transmitted confirmed case of COVID-19 and seven asymptomatic carriers on Tuesday, the regional health authority said. The region currently has no high or medium risk areas.