Tibetan girl wins gold medal

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMHALA, September 4: Recently graduated Tibetan nursing student Tenzin Noryang received a gold medal for achieving top marks for four consecutive years at the KLE Academy for Higher Education and Research in Karnataka State. The Bachelor of Nursing Gold Medal was awarded to Noryang at the graduation ceremony held on August 19. to reduce their suffering, ”the 22-year-old told Phayul.

Noryang hopes to pursue higher education, that is, M.Sc, for which she needs one year of hospital experience. “I worked in the Covid-19 department during the pandemic, and I see that the demand for nurses is only increasing in India. More and more nurses are resigning because of the pandemic, even though many of them have served the community to the best of their ability, ”she added.

The Tibetan Central Administration’s Ministry of Education (DoE) also congratulated her on this achievement. “We are pleased to recognize his success as a token of our appreciation for his hard work. We also hope that many other young Tibetans will be inspired to excel in their respective academic fields, ”said Sonam Sangmo, section chief of the scholarship section of the DoE. The medalist has been working at the KLE hospital for 9 months.

She said her response to an entirely different school environment among Indian students initially created unwanted confusion, but ultimately led to success through disciplined dedication. “I encountered some difficulties during my first year because there was a change in my environment as I was the only Tibetan as well as the only foreign student. Finally, I adapted to this environment and I made good friends in the institution, ”she said.

Tenzin Noryang grew up in the Tibetan settlement of Mundgod and graduated from the Central School for Tibetans (CST) in Mundgod.