Upcoming Price Increases and Visitor Limits in Borobudur – Indonesia Expat

The number of tourists to the Borobudur temple in Central Java will be limited to 1,200 people per day, Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan announced.

Along with the limitations on the number of visitors, a new price has been confirmed for a visit to the temple. Foreign tourists will have to pay Rp 1.4 million or thereabouts $100 to visit. Indonesians wishing to visit the largest Buddhist temple in the world will have to pay 750,000 rupees.

“We have also agreed to limit the quota of tourists to 1,200 people per day, at a cost of USD 100 for foreign tourists and Rp 750,000 for domestic tourists. For students, we only charge them Rp 5,000,” Pandjaitan said on his personal Instagram account @luhut.pandjaitan Saturday, June 5, 2022.

According to his article, the massive price hike is an attempt to preserve Indonesia’s historical and cultural richness.

Comparing the price to similar temple complexes in Southeast Asia, a day ticket to Angkor Wat in Cambodia is $37 while Bagan in Myanmar is $20. Yogyakarta-based independent guides fear that rising prices will deter all but the wealthiest tourists from visiting Borobudur.

Another aspect of the changes is the requirement that all tourists must be accompanied by a local guide from the areas around Borobudur.

We do this to create new jobs while developing a sense of place in this region so that a sense of responsibility for historic sites can continue to thrive in the younger generation of tomorrow,said Pandjaitan.

The government is also working with several teams to develop a new concept for the Borobudur temple as an international laboratory for cultural heritage conservation, he said. Explain.

He also reaffirmed the synergy between the conservation and tourism teams through a single authority agency. This is intended to improve the quality of Borobudur Temple as a tourist destination.

Furthermore, Pandjaitan assured that the principles of a green and circular economy have started to be implemented as directed by President Joko Widodo.

A trial of electric shuttles started on Saturday, June 4, 2022. The transport will travel in a loop between Borobudur, Malioboro Street and Prambanan Temple.