US-based Human Rights Commission expresses concern over escalating attacks on Bangladeshi minorities by Islamic organizations

April 30, 2022 11:02 p.m. STI

Washington [US]April 30 (ANI): Expressing concern over the escalating attacks on minorities in Bangladesh, the International Commission on Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) in its latest report highlights the historical context of violence against the lives and property of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian citizens by members of Islamist organizations.
“The persecution of the country’s Hindu minority has been continuous since its partition from India in 1947 as East Pakistan and continues after Bangladesh’s independence in 1971. Nationwide violence has been orchestrated by a pan-Islamist organization pro-caliphate, Hefazat-e-Islam, but also students and left-wing organizations,” he added.
He noted that the violence against Hindus in Bangladesh goes beyond mob attacks. “Discriminatory laws passed after the country’s independence in 1971 made it impossible for Hindus to recover properties lost before and during Pakistan’s genocide of 3 million Bengalis, mostly Hindus.”
“The laws support Islamic institutions and suppress Hindu institutions. The laws impose much higher taxes on Hindus for grants of land and real estate to an individual or an institution. Religious minorities in state institutions continue to decline “The tacit and overt support of violent Islamist organizations from both major political parties is also noteworthy. The demographics of Bangladesh tell a harrowing story,” the report read.
The Commission orders the Government of Bangladesh to enact a Hate Speech and Crimes Act to prosecute perpetrators of crimes against the country’s defenseless minorities in a special court.
“The percentage of Hindus has declined sharply since its separation from India, dropping from around 25% in 1947 to 8.5% today. disappeared ‘disappeared’ from Bangladesh,” he added.
ICHRRF hopes this longstanding ethnic cleansing is not rationalized by false narratives that spread blame. ICHRRF implores governments and human rights organizations to persuade the Bangladeshi government to take corrective action to end the terrible persecution of minority Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in Bangladesh.
In its latest “Report on Hearings on Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh”, the Commission stated that reparations should be provided to victims of persecution for the loss of their lives and property, and that a help should be provided to them as part of the rehabilitation process.
He further said that Bangladesh should establish separate Hindu, Buddhist and Christian foundations through legislation, along the same lines as the Islamic Foundation was established in March 1975.
The Commission offered these guidelines following recommendations based on the results of the hearings, the review of evidence received and in consultation with leading scholars and human rights activists who have monitored and advocated for human rights. man in Bangladesh for decades.
He called on the Bangladeshi government to establish a separate Ministry of Minority Affairs, a National Minority Commission and to enact a Minority Protection Act.
Urging the government of Bangladesh to establish a separate Ministry of Minority Affairs, a National Minority Commission and to enact a Minority Protection Act, the Commission urged the country to take into account the situation of minorities.
He also said that the government of Bangladesh must fully implement the 1997 Chittagong Hill Tracts peace agreement to protect the rights of animist, Buddhist and Hindu residents.
Notably, ICHRRF is a non-profit organization based in the United States, the Commission believes that implementing these recommendations will protect minorities and encourage genuine humanistic democracy in Bangladesh. (ANI)