‘Visiting religious places will give people hope’ | Nagpur News

Nagpur: With the state government allowing religious places to reopen to the public from October 7, citizens interviewed by TOI welcomed the development and said they would follow all Covid protocols.
Seema Sharma, a housewife, said she was very happy with the decision. “As a devotee, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. While I will definitely visit the temple, I will also make sure to follow all safety measures, ”she said.
Clement Anthony, a student, said he looks forward to visiting the church regularly. “From the start of the pandemic, the church had moved its religious services online. But now, with cases so low, it’s a good decision by the state government. Physical presence in a religious place creates a stronger bond between people, ”said Anthony.
Mohammad Moiz, an engineering student is happy with the decision “because people are filled with hopelessness and despair because of the pandemic”. “The pandemic has dragged on for so long that people have forgotten what makes a human being. The feeling of being part of a community is lacking, which can be discovered by visiting religious places. When you pray, it gives hope, ”he said.
Premdeep Singh Garkhel, a businessman, agrees with the decision. “You have to visit religious places regularly. As responsible citizens, worshipers offered prayers from their homes when the pandemic was at its peak. Yes, there is a risk of community transmission that we witnessed in Wave 2, but we all need the blessings of all the holy gurus, ”he said.
Peenaz Mavalwala-Chinoy, a senior scholar, said: “Acceptance and discipline are two key factors. This is the new normal. If I can go to work and run errands, why shouldn’t I go to the Agyari to pay homage to him.
(With contributions from Dhriti Khatri and Christus Phillips)
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