What’s wrong with developing guidelines against religious conversion in schools, HC asks TN government

The court decides to hear in detail a PIL requesting an instruction from the government. formulate such guidelines

The court decides to hear in detail a PIL requesting an instruction from the government. formulate such guidelines

“What harm is there in issuing an instruction to the state government to draw up guidelines against religious conversion in schools,” Judge R. Mahadevan of the Madras High Court asked Thursday during the hearing. hearing of a motion in public interest litigation requesting such a hearing.

Leading the vacation bench, along with Justice S. Ananthi, the judge said the Constitution provides the right to profess any religion but not to forcibly convert a person from one religion to another. He wondered why the court should not issue a direction, as the litigant wanted.

However, when Additional General Counsel (AAG) J. Ravindran questioned the maintainability of the PIL petition, filed by Chennai-based attorney B. Jagannath, and insisted on throwing it to the threshold, the judges ruled. agreed to hear the case at length on Friday.

The AAG said the petitioner cited only two instances of alleged conversion at state schools. The first case, related to the death of a student named Lavanya, from the Thanjavur Christian Missionary School, had been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

In the second case, the teacher concerned had been suspended from his duties. “Apart from these two cases, no other allegations of religious conversion have been reported and none of the aggrieved parties have taken legal action. This case is not a authentic litigation,” the AAG argued.

However, stating that the petitioner in court had filed a comprehensive 46-page affidavit and cited cases of religious conversions that had occurred since colonial rule, the judges decided to hear the case in detail on Friday and cleared the AAG to raise the question. maintainability as well.

In his affidavit, the petitioner accused the state government of supporting religious conversions and alleged that they occur in public schools as well as government-subsidized private schools. He pointed out that a DMK MP draped a shawl around the main defendant in Lavanya’s death case and greeted her when she was released on bail.

“It highlights the priorities of the state government and its open sponsorship and support of these Christian missionaries,” reads the affidavit.