Will move Supreme Court if Kerala does not support Bakrid eases: IMA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Sunday called on the Kerala government not to give way to mass rallies in the state on the occasion of Eid-al-Adha or Bakrid amid the pandemic pest of Covid-19. The body warned that if the state did not resume the easing, it would move the Supreme Court.

The government of Kerala has announced a series of eases on the borders of Covid-19 for three days from Sunday ahead of the Bakrid on July 20. Reacting to the developments, the IMA has called on Kerala not to ease Covid-19 restrictions on religious gatherings, especially as it is one of the few Indian states to still see a high number of new ones case.

The medical corps also presented examples of northern Indian states like Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh that canceled this year’s Kanwar Yatra due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the dedicated and committed services of the government and the Modern Medical Fraternity, we are today in the decline phase of the second wave all over the country except in a few states like Kerala and Maharashtra where we still have the high number of cases, “the IMA said in a statement signed by its president, Dr JA Jayalal, and secretary general, Dr Jayesh Lele.

“IMA is saddened to see amid the increase in cases and HIV status, the government of Kerala has issued an order to ease the lockdown followed in the state under the pretext of Bakri Id religious gatherings. This is unwarranted and inappropriate in this time of medical emergency.

“When many northern states such as J&K, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal have shut down, with a constructive sense of public safety, the traditional and popular pilgrimage yatras, it is unfortunate that the learned state of Kerala has taken this decision which will pave the way for mass gatherings, ”the IMA added.

“IMA, the body of warriors of this covid war with the sense of altruism will be forced to hit the pedestals of the supreme court if the state does not apply the appropriate behaviors to the covid and becomes a model state to mask the growing threat of covid, withdraw the decision, “the IMA said, warning the government of Kerala led by Pinarayi Vijayan.

Previously, the IMA had expressed concern about mass gatherings across the country due to the reopening of tourism and religious pilgrimage. Mass gatherings can serve as “super spreaders” for the third wave of Covid-19 infections, the IMA said in a letter to central and state governments.

“It is painful to note that in this crucial period [when] everyone needs to work for third wave mitigation, in many parts of the country the government and the public are complacent and engaged in mass rallies without following Covid protocols, “the IMA said in a statement. letter.

The medical corps had called on governments to strictly enforce appropriate behavior on Covid for at least three more months. “A tourist windfall, pilgrimage trips, religious fervor are all necessary, but can wait a few more months,” said the organization.

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